Custom Blending & Manufacturing

Experience, Dedicated Equipment, and Quality Product Consistency

Custom blending of particles, meals, seeds, powders, and liquids

Custom grinding and specific particle size manufacturing

Multiple injection molded product capabilities

Dedicated Handling for EPA registered products

Manufacturing Certifications

Our facilities operate under guidelines to produce the best and most consistent products for our customers.

We maintain effective Material Required Planning (MRP) methods to manage production, planning, scheduling and inventory control. We streamline production through Standard Operating Procedures and refine our quality & consistency through evaluation of Product Run Sheets and in-process inspections. Integration of these practices enables us to better forecast and plan production, providing tighter inventory control and reducing ordering lead times.

We have valuable experience to share, especially in the home, garden, animal health & nutrition categories, and are here to meet your production needs – check out the Quality & Services tab to see additional services we offer on both the front and back end of manufacturing.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HAACP) – preventative system managing microbiological, physical and chemical hazard throughout the manufacturing process.

Midwest Organic Services Association

(MOSA) -certification under the US National Organic Program for processing and packing of animal feed

California Department of Food
Agriculture (CDFA)